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Good Omens
So I bought my third copy of Good Omens. This time I got the hardbound. This time, no one is allowed to touch it! I lost my first two copies because I lent it to someone... and I'm glad I got this copy because it includes an interview with my two favorite authors, Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. and this excerpt really hit a nerve... "Did you know it would be a 'cult classic' when you wrote it? ...Whereas if by 'cult classic' you mean a book that's sold millions and millions of copies around the world, many of them to the same people, because they buy them and then lend them out to friends and never see them again so buy more copies, then no we didn't." THAT'S ME!!!!!

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uy binalik ko yung copy na pinahiram mo sakin ah...hahaha! affected ako para kasi akong tinamaan sa post mo!! hehe :D

naalala ko yun chai! don't worry hindi ikaw yan. :)

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