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My nth Attempt on Losing Weight
Hayayay, this is a never ending battle of the bulge..  Everytime na lang I go to the province, this is what I hear: 

"Hooy, ang taba mo na!"
"Hindi ka na papayat!" 
"Hindi ka inaalagaan ng boypren mo, pinapabayaan ka nya tumaba!"

Puucha! As if naman ang sesexy ng mga tita ko!

I've tried everything from the conventional gym sa kanto (well, not naman kanto pero malapit na.. hehe. Sa Ever Commonwealth) to a more sowsyal Fitness First (where I've terminated membership last Sept).  I now sporadically go to the gym and swim at Timberland.

I've also tried all kinds of diets even the extreme ones like the olive oil diet (wherein you have 1 tbsp of olive oil an hour before any meal. Sus! Bumili pa ako ng libro wala naman nangyari!) South Beach talaga ang nagwork for me, that's why I'm planning to do it again next month.

And now, this...

RUNNING! (or in my case jogging or brisk walking. hehehe.)

Hay nakow, kaya eto dahil nga ang regalo sa akin ni John ay isang napakagandang Nike+ Everyday running shoes.  Na enganyo akong bumili ng iPod nano at Nike + Sport kit (Naghahanap pa ako ng sport kit, out of stock kanina.)

Hay, good luck to me!  Here I go again! Sana this time I hit my target weight goal. Go! Go! Go! Basta ang important naman is you never tire of trying diba? :)

Let's go Me!!!



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