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Remembering Papa
Saving/Posting this here from my Multiply account so I won't forget.

First posted on Multiply, June 30, 2008

While looking for something in our bookshelves, I came across an old copy of Reader's Digest's What's Behind the Name? It compiles some household names that we use in our everyday lives (even up to now!). It featured Anchor Butter, Jollibee, Nivea, San Miguel Beer, Coca-Cola, American Express, Singer Sewing Machines, Magnolia, Distileria Limtuaco and more importantly and closer to my heart, Motolite.

Motolite began in 1947 when three men came together in a desire to bring to Filipinos an automotive battery which they can call their own. Mr Unson had the established company, Mr Magnaye had the contacts and my grandfather (Alejandro Q Tablante, Sr.) had the creative gift of building batteries from scratch.

I have vague memories of Papa. He passed away when I was too young, I think I was just two years old. I love listening to stories about him through my mom, my aunts and my older cousins. I knew he was a quiet man, a perfectionist and a workaholic. He loved his craft so much that when they had to sell the company he had a stroke and was not able to recover from it fully.

I wish I could have known him when I was older. I wonder how our conversations would be like. Will he spoil me because I'm one of the youngest grandkids? :) Will he love telling me stories of days gone by? Or will he be a man of few words but of great action?

I guess I will never know... For now, I will have to content myself with stories about him which I will never tire of hearing. But I know someday I will get to know the man behind the name and I will get to know Papa... my lolo. :)

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