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After 3 years since this post...
Can't sleep so decided to go through past LJ entries tonight and came across this post when I was on my 2nd month of pregnancy. Let's see how we've fared on my list for my hunny bunny.

1. Theater. Haven't brought Zoe to a legit one but so far she likes musicals. She loves to sing and dance. And I think she remembers the Les Miz OST. Hee.

2. Check check check! My Zoe is water baby (just like mommy.)

3. Admittedly, we fell into the trap of handing Zoe a tablet to get a few hours of personal Tim me. Shameful, yes I know. But we're trying to get back on track by eliminating the iPad, and a few hours of TV few times a week. The book reading has been successful though. We've gone through Mama and Me, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Guess How Much I Love You and Penguin by Polly Dunbar. Zoe's current favorites are Dr. Seuss' books - Robert the Red Horse, Apples Up on Top, and A little Bug went Ahhchoo.

4. See #3

5. Sadly, Dandi passed away Janaury of 2015. Zoe erupted in giggles every time Dandi licked her feet. I miss Dandi. But now Zoe has Max and Sookie to play with. Max is our fake Mastiff; a dog with 9 lives . Sookie is our adopted Fox Red Labrador. She has a sweet temperament and has imprinted on me the first day we got her.

6. We haven't really gone to museums but we have traveled a lot this past few years - Hong Kong, the beaches in Bataan, twice in Baguio (third one coming in June), and Tagaytay.

Now I'm getting sleepy and need to wake up early tomorrow. Will definitely add more to this list for my little girl.

March 20th, 2013, 10:30 am
My dreams for you.
Today you are now the size of a medium shrimp! I can't wait to see you on the next scan.

As I listen to the Les Mis OST, I find myself daydreaming of our future together. Oh, the fun we will have! Off the top of my head, here's what I plan to do with you.

- Take you to theater. We will watch musicals, plays and everything in between. From Broadway to PETA. From CCP to West End.

- Take you to the beach all over the Philippines and teach you survival swimming. We will bask in the sun and we will build sandcastles.

- Read a book (the real kind. No iPads or gadgets until you're 7 yo.). We will start with Green Eggs with Ham but eventually transcend into Greek mythology and then we will build a library that will be the envy of all.

- No gadgets until you're old enough. Okay. so 7 yo is negotiable. We shall talk about this. But you should enjoy your childhood playing with other kids and playing outdoors!

- Play with Dandi as often as possible. She is your bodyguard. And you will be her protector.

- Travel with you. We will explore museums. Let's start at the National Museum (which sadly, mom has still not seen) then maybe when budget permits we can take you the NY Museum of National History or the Met or MoMA. And on the side, we will visit amusement parks, promise.

This is my list for now. Can't wait to start doing this with you and dad.


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